Bangles, A Treasure To Keep

“Who will buy these delicate, bright Rainbow-tinted circles of light? Lustrous tokens of radiant lives, For happy daughters and happy wives.” -Sarojini Naidu Every woman’s heart pines for Bangles and Bracelets in any form. An essential part of a lady’s wardrobe, no outfit seems complete unless complimented by Bangles or Bracelets. These traditional handcrafted, colorful…

The magic of Peacocks, Gold & Colors

There is something magical about peacocks, gold & plethora of colors put together and crafted beautifully to create this majestic clutch. An envy for others, Urja Utsav bring to you this exquisite hand clutch or conversely a sling bag, carved out of prominent teak wood and then intricately covered in pure 24 carat gold foils….

Timeless Beauty of The Golden Watch

Certain accessories are timeless. This exquisite 24 carat gold embossed wrist watch from Urja Utsav will not only sit pretty on your wrist as it is meant to be, but also play the essential role of a bracelet. It features the indispensable role of keeping time that is slowly ticking away but in addition to…

As Royal As This

We can never really have too many accessories, can we? And especially if they are this pretty and royal as this one, we can never really hold our horses! Urja Utsav brings to you these Designer Royal Clutches that have been chiseled out from Teak Wood and intricately coated with 24 carat gold foil. An…

Something for the men

Accessorizing by men have always been somewhat to a lesser extent as compared to the multifarious jewelry options available for women. However, with the times changing now, today’s men are more than ready to dive in and explore the trends available for them in the jewelry section. Jewelry for men has evolved to take a whole new…

A Premium Gold Set

‘’A piece of jewelry is often a piece of art. But it only becomes valuable when emotions are added to it.’’ Whatever you wear, a piece of jewelry, expensive or maybe not so much, can really add to your look and the way you feel about yourself when you step outside into the world. A…

The Black Beauty

“Think of what starlight And lamplight would lack Diamonds and fireflies If they couldn’t lean against Black. . . .” ― Mary O’Neill, Hailstones and Halibut Bones

Right Back To The Colorful Childhood

Countless hues of colors which make you smile and make you feel like a little girl hopping up and down with joy and happiness! Oh, the sparkle in your eyes, Yes we can still see it there

Blue & Gold

You are alluring in your own way but, we encourage you to wear a dash of blue and gold and perhaps steal a heart or two.