The Black Beauty

“Think of what starlight And lamplight would lack Diamonds and fireflies If they couldn’t lean against Black. . . .” ― Mary O’Neill, Hailstones and Halibut Bones Advertisements

Right Back To The Colorful Childhood

Countless hues of colors which make you smile and make you feel like a little girl hopping up and down with joy and happiness! Oh, the sparkle in your eyes, Yes we can still see it there

The Red, The Green and The Gold

One of our personal favorites! The red and green on gold looks bold and beautiful, don’t you think?

Lord Mahavira Said

lord mahavira

Lord Mahavira once said “Don’t be proud if you gain. Nor be sorry if you lose.”. Hold that thought and behold this artistic handcrafted 24 carat gold leafed Lord Mahavira frame exclusively available with Urja Utsav. For orders and inquiries … Continue reading