NavaDurga- The manifestation of Goddess Durga in nine different forms

This beautiful frame of NavaDurga depicts the nine forms of Goddess Durga. The nine forms depicted on the frame are that of  Śailaputrī,Brahmachāriṇī, Chandraghaṇṭā, Kuṣhmāṇḍā, Skandamātā, Kārtyāyanī, Kālarātrī, Mahāgaurī and Siddhidātrī and are worshiped together during Navratri. For orders & inquiries … Continue reading

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Another day, Another Beauty

This simple pendant from the house of Urja Utsav, is beautiful & elegant. The intricately hand crafted gold motif onto a black base, teamed up with colorful beads will surely turn a head or two. For orders & inquiries about … Continue reading

Goddess Lakshmi- Wealth, Prosperity, Love and Beauty

Goddess Lakshmi, wife of Lord Vishnu, in Hinduism is symbolic of wealth, prosperity, love and beauty. Said to rid problems of money and fortune, Goddess Lakshmi is endowed with six auspicious and divine qualities, or Gunas. Believed to be the … Continue reading

Timeless Beauty

  Certain accessories are timeless, not literally however. This exquisite wrist watch from Urja Utsav, will not only sit pretty on your wrist as a bracelet, but also play that essential role of keeping time & slowly ticking away, keeping … Continue reading

The Mystic Pendant

Pendant, the word finds its origin in Old French and Latin language, has evolved from the Stone age objects of teeth, stones and shells to the modern day forms consisting of precious stones and delicate artwork. Civilizations have worn this … Continue reading

Magic of Peacocks, Gold & Colors

There is something magical about peacocks, gold & plethora of colors put together and crafted beautifully to create this majestic clutch, an envy for others. Make it yours today, call us at +91-9413335533, email at or simply drop us … Continue reading